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Tiles & Grout Cleaning

Majestic carpet cleaning company is the leading tiles and grout cleaning company. We are specialist in ceramic tiles and grout cleaning.

A grout is typically a thin plaster used to fill cracks in masonry. For ceramic tiles, grout lines are the hardest part to keep clean. No one enjoys cleaning grout, particularly when the grout contains many old stains that are difficult to remove

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Regular cleaning can make the tile surface of your floors look like new. Tiles and grout Cleaning takes a specialized industrial equipment and heavy duty environment friendly cleaning products. By using this special product cleaning solutions & high pressure portable cleaning equipment we are able to clean your tiles and grout to the highest standards .

We use environment friendly alkaline based solution.Special surrogate brushes cleans the grout lines and the tile surface. Tile and grout is rinsed using pressure heated water. All water, cleaning solutions and contaminants are extracted away in one process.

Very labor intensive jobs at home are cleaning the gaps between tiles and grout, it often goes neglected. Hot water extraction or steam is the good solution, it is powerful enough to remove some of the stains without damaging tiles.

A source of bacterial infection can be grout and gaps between tiles. Using hot water extraction means steam, you remove dirt and kill bacteria, Keep your tiles cleaner for longer and eliminate odour and dirt from grouting.

Tiles and grout benefit from regular maintenance

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